August 14, 2021

With a Goal of Creating 1 Lakh Jobs by 2030, Sainyam Industries is Set to Start to Make India a Manufacturing Powerhouse

With a Goal of Creating 1 Lakh Jobs by 2030, Sainyam Industries is Set to Start to Make India a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Sainyam Industries, the world's first industrial incubation company, is on a mission to transform India into "The World's Factory." Known for its cutting-edge creative solutions, Sainyam Industries aims to become a "One-Stop-Shop" by bringing together the most innovative business models, alliances, and technology to provide a launchpad for enterprises from all over the world.

India has risen to the top of the list of manufacturing outsourcing alternatives for Western corporations due to its economic and scalable manufacturing environment, easy access to resources, and political stability. Today, more than 1,000 businesses are in talks with Indian officials about moving their greenfield operations in India. With such a welcoming business environment, Sainyam Industries is well-positioned to assist those companies and execute "the Big Picture."

In addition to strategic consulting, Sainyam assists firms with its one-of-a-kind Build-Operate-Transfer or B-O-T model. Manufacturing experts highly recommend the B-O-T model which is specifically designed to meet the demands of businesses who want to create functional centres in a fair amount of time and money for companies that are considering setting their foot into a new territory.

Likewise, Sainyam Industries offers joint ventures In order to play a much strategic role in the growth of the company by entering into an agreement to pool their resources to achieve superior results.

Sainyam Industries' crew is always prepared to explore new and unusual concepts that could revolutionize an industry, but their main purpose is to assist its 'Partners' in growing their businesses. Ravi Shankar Founder of Sainyam Group of Companies, Inspired by the late Steve Jobs and his words "We are here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else be here?" says "We want to make India "The World's Factory" and aim to disrupt the entire manufacturing industry by bringing together the best people and processes to create a well-functioning Make-in-India."


Sainyam Industries, a part of Sainyam Group which is famous for its successful diagnostic track record that includes a tech venture that solved a problem of an industry worth 1.14 trillion dollars, is ready to transform India into the "World's Manufacturing Powerhouse" with their entrepreneurial approach to manufacturing capacity and growth. Because of Sainyam's extensive knowledge of India, government relations, business models, market research, and proven methodology, the company is uniquely qualified to bring together the most creative business models, partnerships, and technology for a changing world.

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Person: Ravi Shankar (Chairman, Sainyam Group)
Organization: Sainyam Industries
Location: Bangalore, India

Release ID: 25758