August 14, 2021

The EntrepreNUers Network Aims to Address Challenges for Gen-Z Female Entrepreneurs

The EntrepreNUers Network Aims to Address Challenges for Gen-Z Female Entrepreneurs

In a modern age where gender equality is a much-discussed topic, many would be surprised to hear that only 2.3% of venture capitalist funding is provided to female founders. One recently formed company, The EntrepreNUers Network, has been working tirelessly in the area of female entrepreneurship to provide support, encouragement and mentorship to businesswomen across the globe.

Founded by students Weilyn Chong (Princeton 24’) and Ali Debow (NYU Shanghai 24’), the network initially began as a podcast intended to spotlight successful businesswomen. At a time when demand for such a podcast is at an all time high, it’s unsurprising that their launch was overwhelmingly successful - with The EntreprNUers Podcast having already featured Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 Women in Finance, and Bettina Hein, Founder of Juli, Pixability and SVOX.

Having now grown a formidable follower base of thousands of listeners and expanded to include a number of passionate and talented Gen-Z entrepreneurs, the network has reinforced its strong start with ambitious plans to expand into a number of other sectors. One area of expansion is their recently launched podcast show Count Her In, a podcast for and by female Gen-Z entrepreneurs. Through such actions, the network and its co-founders aim to continue spotlighting the issue of gender inequality in the entrepreneurial space - hoping that, in the process, astounding statistics such as the percentage of venture capitalist funding provided to female founders can be alleviated. With an unwavering focus on its followers, the network has been set up to succeed - a notion particularly true given the drive of its co-founders perfectly supplements the need for such a project in the progressive modern age.

As Weilyn Chong, co-founder of the network stated: “The primary goal for the network is to become the globe’s most acclaimed community for female entrepreneurs. From professional support to a colossal online presence, The EntrepreNUers Network aims to make clear the many problems female entrepreneurs face whilst simultaneously fostering collaboration among female entrepreneurs to create solutions. As issues such as the problem of VC funding among female founders become clearer, we will aim to address them - helping solve similar challenges in any and every way we can.”

Ali Debow elaborated upon her co-founder’s comment, explaining: “It’s imperative that we continue growing our community of successful and thriving female entrepreneurs. We need to make stories of female founders and entrepreneurs as accessible as possible - we need to communicate to the next generation of females that they can become businesswomen. They need to know that the sky is the limit.”

Only time will tell what the future has in store for the business industry. But whatever happens next, expect that The EntrepreNUers Network will be dictating its path. Having become a force to be reckoned with, the network and its co-founders certainly have a promising future ahead.

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