June 09, 2021

The 5th Future Network Development Conference Opens On June 17th

The 5th Future Network Development Conference Opens On June 17th

On June 8th, the organizing committee of the 5th Future Network Development Conference held a press conference in the Purple Mountain Laboratory. Liu Yunjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Purple Mountain Laboratory, and Wang Aijun, deputy director of Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee, attended the press conference to introduce the general situation and features of the 5th Future Network Development Conference. It is understood that the 5th Future Network Development Conference, sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal Government and guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology, and Jiangsu Provincial Government, will be held at the Qinhuai International Cultural Exchange Center in the Purple Mountain Science and Technology City on June 17th and 18th.

According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, the State Council has listed "future network" as a "strategic emerging industry"; Operators, companies, universities, and local governments will also work together to develop major innovative applications based on CENI. Facing the great historical opportunity of tackling and reforming new network technologies, Jiangsu Province, especially Nanjing City, has vigorously promoted the research and development of future network architecture and key technologies and established Purple Mountain Laboratory. With more than ten years of deep cultivation, China has made many international advanced breakthroughs in new network architecture and core technologies. At this conference, Purple Mountain Laboratory will release several major achievements in the field of network and communication. It will also hold the opening ceremony for opening up and cooperation in major national science and technology infrastructure (CENI) to build an open network innovation ecology, promote the digital development of the enterprise economy, and promote the building of network power.

It is learned in addition to the summit forums and 12theme forums; this conference will hold "Future Network Innovation And Development" postdoctoral academic forums, "High-Quality Development Of IndustriesAnd Path for future Network Integration Reform" and "future network Test Facility User Committee" two important closed-door meetings. Efforts are being redoubled to gather scientific and technological elites to seek industry development and promote the future network test facility project to produce more cutting-edge results. As a result, future network construction is gaining more momentum.

Based on scientific and technological innovation, this conference broke the boundary in multiple dimensions and formed a new pattern of the Future Network Development Conference, including conference forums, Future Network Innovation Exhibition, Future Light--Future Network Technology Innovation Competition, featured theme activities, and the release of major achievements. The conference will also invite domestic and foreign scientists in related fields to share and communicate with each other "offline + online" to break through regional boundaries and experience the collision of wisdom. The forum and the Future Network Innovation Exhibition will also explore and show the extended application of the future network in the IoT, industrial Internet, smart city construction, and other aspects, highlighting the great role of "Future Network+" in promoting industrial integration.

Through the past four conferences, Future Network Development Conference has developed into a high-level event for global technology discussion and outcome exchange in the field of future networks. It has built a cutting-edge international dialogue platform. The Future Network Development Conference and its theme events will promote the development of science and technology of Purple Mountain area, advance the major and complementary industry chains of Jiangning economic and technological development zone, further strengthen the promotion of Jiangning at home and abroad, further strengthen the propagation and popularization of Jiangning at home and abroad, attract more outstanding overseas talents to Jiangning and encourage them to innovate and set up enterprise. All these efforts are bound to inject new vitality into the building of an innovative city and drive the high-quality development of Jiangning. A new chapter will soon be added to the construction of socialist modernization!

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