December 21, 2020

Silver Rings for Men: New Collection Showcased by

With the growing trend of fashion jewelry in men, has showcased a new collection of silver rings for men.

Rings have been in use since ancient times. However, with time the variation in complexity and materials have increased. One of the most common segments in rings today are silver rings. If you search the term "silver rings for men" online, you will find several websites that offer different models of silver rings. is a website that has a huge collection of biker jewelry for men and women. It showcases new models of jewelry regularly and focuses on only quality products.

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Men's Jewelry: Past and Present

Men's jewelry date back to the stone age. Jewelry during the stone age time was made exclusively of natural materials like shells, bones and stone. It served various functions prominent of which are mysticism, status mark and belief in self-protection. With time and place, the role of jewelry portrayed different meanings and was linked to different beliefs. In ancient Egypt - one of the ancient civilizations - precious stones and jewelry became royalistic as it was considered to link the mortals with gods. The priests in ancient Egypt used jewelry extensively and it also served as a different mark for them to be linked with divine powers.

Rings containing royal marks were a symbol of prestige and honor during the ancient and medieval periods in many regions of the world. The use of jewelry was not only limited to the royal and priestly class. Even soldiers in many empires used metal and leather jewelry as a mark of their faith in spiritual powers. Tribal people in almost every region around the world have their own distinctive jewelry ornaments.

Men's jewelry witnessed greater distinction from women's jewelry during the middle ages primarily due to the rise in patriarchal beliefs. Rings with special seals rose in prominence as a mark of loyalty among noble families. This period also saw the opening up of trade between Europe and Asia due to which the use of exotic and precious stones in jewelry reached new heights. This period witnessed an increasing use of gems and stones embroidered in the clothes of royal and noble families. This new fashion era was dominated by people in power.

In this age too, the link between mystical powers and jewelry was strong. Rings and necklaces with special symbols were used as a shield to keep the evil spirits away. The Renaissance period also continued the tradition of precious gems and jewelry in costumes. Even explorers, pirates and sea adventures used gems and jewelry in their wardrobe and as ornaments. The martial tradition also got influenced by these changes and swords and shields also got decorated with gems and fine jewelry. Jewelry was used extensively in the Indian subcontinent where kings and nobles used it not only on their clothes and body but also donated it to religious shrines as a result of which many religious shrines became self-sufficient in managing many day-to-day operational activities.

The industrial age saw the mass production of jewelry but by this time men's depiction of fashion changed and jewelry was increasingly believed to be feminine. By the 20th century, look for men was mostly catered around the pocket watch and basic chains. The cultural changes during the 1960s brought out new changes when men started using more jewelry once again in the form of heavy bracelets, rings, etc. The hip hop and rock n roll era were much bolder in its depiction of men with various kinds of jewelry. By the new emerging global culture and by the spread of cultural values through TV and the Internet, there is an increasing trend of more and more men choosing various ranges of jewelry.

The symbolism associated with rings

1 Social Status

Rings have long been associated with social status. Almost all the royal and noble families across the world have used rings studded with precious stones. Even in many tribal cultures, the head of the tribe used to wear special rings and jewelry. Even to this day, members of royal families are seen wearing expensive and classic rings.

2. Mystical Powers

Rings have long been used in occult practices and mysticism all across the world. In many Asian countries, people who practice occult usually give rings and amulets to people who approach them for solving their problems. This practice is much more significant in remote areas where mystical powers are believed and practiced even to this day.

3. Zodiac Symbol

Many people who believe in Zodiac signs and astrology use rings adorned with different gemstones to solve their problems. Zodiac signs are linked to celestial bodies and different colors of gemstones are preferred in rings for people associated with the respective Zodiac signs. For example, Sapphire is the gemstone linked to people whose zodiac sign is Taurus and Emerald is the gemstone linked to people whose zodiac sign is cancer etc.

4. In Marriage

Rings have become an integral part of marriage ceremonies in various cultures across the world. Precious and Stylish rings are one of the most preferred types of rings in big marriage functions. Lately, they have also become one of the most common things during a proposal. Many big companies in the jewelry industry have dedicated an entire range of products including rings for marriage ceremonies.

5. Specific Passions

Lately, rings have also emerged as a symbol of being linked to a specific profession or passion. For example, Hip Hop artists use a different range of rings while bikers prefer a completely different range of rings.

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