March 04, 2021

Man Builds Booming Business Selling Phone Calls:

Ben Hirvi builds his business by selling phone leads to different industries.

For people who use instant messaging to keep in touch, hearing the phone ring can be a strange experience, and maybe even alarming. Who even makes phone calls anymore?

One or two incoming calls a day might be normal, but even those might go unanswered.

So the idea of receiving one thousand phone calls a day – one call every 40 seconds, non-stop – is unthinkable.

It’s fair to assume that most people would turn their phone off within a few minutes!

However – for Ben Hirvi, an Australian man recently featured in an online article for Entrepreneur magazine – receiving over 1,000 calls in a single day was cause for celebration.

Ben Hirvi owns hundreds of websites that advertise all types of services you might be familiar with (think plumbers, locksmiths, painters, carpet cleaners, etc), and when customers call from those websites, his phone system routes the calls to his clients, who are business owners in need of customers.

Ben charges those businesses for sending customers to them – sometimes charging as much as a few thousand dollars for a single referral!

Some internet entrepreneurs earn money by displaying ads to those visiting their website, and some earn money by selling products, books, or software. This man earns money by selling phone calls.

Following on from the article, Ben Hirvi was asked exactly how many calls he was bringing in each day. “My best run thus far was Dec 2017 through to Feb 2018. In those three months, we racked up almost 102,000 phone calls. The Christmas and New Year period is always busy, but that was something else altogether”, he said.

“I probably operate sites in just about any of the local services you can think of. Some are better than others, and there are some - like junk removal - that I’d never do again! But other industries like carpet cleaning just roll over like clockwork, the sites bring in roughly the same number of calls each day and each week, and it’s a very predictable business”, he added.

In the article, Ben Hirvi explains the surprising money being made behind the scenes in the secretive $3-billion-dollar industry, including by small players who may own just one or two websites each.

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