August 16, 2021

Kodezi, The Innovative Online Coding and Learning Platform Relaunches With Brand New Design and Features

Kodezi is set to start with a revamped design and new features to make online coding and learning better.

With the aim of making coding and learning easy, Kodezi, a peer-to-peer learning platform led by students for students, is relaunching with a brand new design and features. After being found by the Florida-based teen Ishraq Khan in March 2019 at the age of 15, while studying at Seminole High school, the site is being relaunched after adding new features.

The platform allows students to upload tutorial videos who are rewarded with points. The same point-based reward system is also provided to students who watch those tutorials. These points can later be redeemed for prizes and gift card codes. The principle behind this platform is inspired by real-life phenomena where a student learning a concept from another student grasps the content better because the age gap between the two is close.

The website of Kodezi is soon to be relaunched on August 20th, with a brand-new design, revamp, and brand identity. It is now completely investor funded as there is a reward program to influence students to learn via points earned. These points can be later redeemed for cash value and this is what investors will be spending a portion of their money in so as to make the learning exciting along with getting more tutorial videos uploaded. With growing number of tutorial videos, the site will be able to cover many learning topics that will enhance the website experience. People can follow Kodezis’ Twitter and Instagram account to remain up-to-date with new updates related to the company.

Unlike a one-way learning platform, Kodezi is bringing up a new feature where users can also ask questions like Stack Overflow but instead of waiting for someone to answer them; they will get answers quickly from tutors. This feature of quick answers by experts will make the learning experience better as no one likes to wait for getting answers.

Apart from this, a new feature is introduced that utilizes AI for coding and debugging similar to the one used by renowned sites like Grammarly. By using machine learning data and artificial intelligence to debug any code, users can input any code with any coding language and they will be provided with real-time data to improve their code and to fix it properly for it to work.

Regarding meeting the demands of the changing education methods, Ishraq, the CEO of Kodezi says More students and individuals want to learn programming and coding since it is the future of innovation. Even though the job itself is declining due to covid, the demand for learning the concept has grown exponentially. Our site visits have increased from being 10,000 to over 200,000 at peak times of the summer of 2020 with thousands of videos uploaded and watched daily. We changed our servers to handle the load and now have completely rebranded ourselves to better fit our main goal of teaching the younger generation how to program the future.”

The company has plans to come up with new changes in the next five years some of which include hiring new roles, introducing an office space instead of remote locations and expanding the demographic reach more efficiently.


The website started when Ishraq realized that there was an influx of demand for learning to code and program, yet all the courses were being taught on paid websites. He noticed that all of the YouTube videos had one thing in common, lengthy tutorials made by teachers. He introduced “TeachMeCode” as a website prototype and presented it to his school.

The website “TeachMeCode” grew exponentially with over 10,000 active users during the first month of launch. Hundreds of hours of videos were watched and uploaded. Most of the site’s success resulted from YouTube and word of mouth. Later, the website began to overload with data and many more issues came to the fore. He then went on to focus on his studies and leave the concept of TeachMeCode.

In 2020, Ishraq began recoding his website structure, renaming it and completely rebranding the concept. He renamed it Kodezi, Coding made easy. This name saw huge success as he created his site, he instantly gained popularity back from his original followers of TeachMeCode on his social media. He then started working on making his venture big by getting investors to support his idea and by working on the brand image of the company.

About Kodezi.

Kodezi is an innovative online coding and learning platform which has the core values of making learning fun, establishing a bond, striving for excellence, real learning rather than memorizing and influencing a greater tomorrow. At the very young age of 17, Ishraq Khan has innovative plans for making it a global brand by continuously adding new features to make coding and learning better.

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Name: Ishraq Khan (CEO)
Organization: Kodezi
Location: Orlando, Florida

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