March 12, 2021

Haitian American Reginald Oriental Overcame Adversities To Financial Freedom in Stocks/Foreign Exchange Markets

Reginald Oriental shares his story about fighting adversities and achieving financial freedom.

For many people, adversities and challenges have a negative impact on them but this is not the case with the Haitian American "Reginald Oriental". Reginald used his mothers' sudden death in 2016 as a challenge and got motivated to gain financial freedom in order to take care of his younger siblings. With all responsibilities shifting on his shoulders, he actively started learning about new business strategies. He found stocks and foreign exchange markets to be more attractive and spent countless hours to understand it from the fundamentals to the complex factors determining its working.

After gaining ample knowledge of the stock and forex market, he started trading and making profits. However, he was not satisfied with the individual venture as he wanted to utilize his expertise to help others who have been facing some or the other problems in their lives. This led him to make connections with like-minded people and he, along with his business partners, Edouard Angrand, John Domond, and Jonathan Michel launched Gap Closers University. As all the four business partners had a first-hand experience of the stock and forex markets, it was easy for them to coach others. Within sometime after the launch of Gap Closers University, they were able to create many successful traders in a short amount of time.

With the mission to close the wide economic gap existing in society, Reginald along with his business partners consciously chose the name "Gap Closers University". Further, as this venture was aimed to assist newbies in trading, the entire methodology was made simple and easy to understand. He actively interacts with people on his Instagram profile @FirstHaitianBillionaire.

When asked about what he considers success, he says "Success is not determined by how skilled you are in avoiding challenges but how you let it mold you once you face them". He further adds, "There are 100 excuses for avoiding a problem, but the person who strives to solve the problem tastes real success".

Reginald is a full-time Entrepreneur who trades options and forex apart from his other business endeavors. When asked about his goals, he says "my aspiration is to become a Haitian billionaire and to take trading forex to Haiti in order to set the upcoming generation free from poverty".

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