September 07, 2021

Guide on Printing Methods Released by Kyocera Document Solutions

Guide on Printing Methods Released by Kyocera Document Solutions

Various printing methods continue to evolve over time. Each printing method is suited for a specific need, meaning that each business will choose a printing technique that best suits their products or services. In the guide on printing methods published by Kyocera Document Solutions, one can explore different types of printing methods and their benefits.

Types of Printing Methods

Printing has been there for decades. The oldest printing technique being woodcut that involved cutting images on the wood surface. Since then, printing has evolved tremendously. One doesn't need to rely on manual wood carving as there are many technologically improved methods now.

The known and commonly used printing methods are:

1. Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is used to print stationery, books, paper, and more. It can also print rough surfaces such as clothes, canvas, and wood. This method is popular for mass production printing. It uses a printing plate made of aluminum with an image. The image represents the content to print.

2. Flexography

Flexography is a modern printing method commonly used to print uneven surfaces. The method uses quick-drying semi-liquid inks. It is reliable for high-volume jobs. 

The printing method is a popular and great choice for long runs, high press speed, and printing various media - such as cellophane, metallic film, and plastic.

3. Digital Printing

Digital printing is a method having various techniques such as inkjet and laser printing. This method has revolutionized the production print industry. In this printing method, images are sent to the printer directly using digital files like PDFs. So, there is no need to have a printing plate - thus saving time and money.

4. Large Format

Large format refers to a printing method that produces maximum print roll width. The method is perfect for use in traditional advertising mediums looking to make an impact on customers. It provides a much bigger area to work on, unlike other methods - including digital printing. Instead of this method printing on individual sheets, it uses rolls of prints. These are fed incrementally and produce one large sheet.

5. Screen Printing

This printing method is a technique where mesh or fine material transfers images onto other materials. However, the mesh requires stretching to create a screen, and then the ink will be pressed to print the image successfully. Screen printing is a popular method for printing graphics onto pieces of fabric and clothes. It also works best on metals and paper.

6. 3D Printing

3D printing allows to print 3D objects, and that is a great way of impacting the audience. One can create desired objects of different dimensions using digital model data such as the Additive Manufacturing File. Then, one can use additive compound mixtures to create 3D objects. Over time, 3D printers are getting more sophisticated. One can easily find items having interior moving parts being printed.


This is another printing method becoming popular in businesses. That results from quick turnaround times and high-quality prints. However, this digital printing method uses UV lights when drying the ink after printing. Moreover, the drying process is also called UV curing. It is unique because it prevents ink from sinking into materials. The advantage is that with this method, one will not have to wait for the ink to dry. That will save time, and colors will come out sharp and clear. Moreover, LED UV is eco-friendly and uses less power compared to traditional print machines. Again, it isn't limited to certain print jobs or types of stock.


As one can see that there are various printing methods available. These methods are suited to specific tasks, and others are versatile to work on different requirements. One can go through this guide to pick the best printing option that suits their business or personal use.

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