July 05, 2021

Goldman Small Cap Research Issues New Research Report on Global Internet of People, Inc.

Goldman Small Cap Research Issues New Research Report on Global Internet of People, Inc.

Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm specializing in the small-cap and microcap sectors, announced today that it has published a new company research report on Global Internet of People, Inc. The profitable fast-growing company operates an innovative peer-to-peer knowledge and sharing and enterprise services platform. This report features a price target. To view the new coverage initiation research report, along with disclosures and disclaimers, or to download it in its entirety, please visit https://bit.ly/2Udtpwq.

Global Internet of People, Inc. operates an online knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform, both online, via a mobile application "Shidonghui App" (the "APP"), and offline, through local offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as 51 local centers operated by some of the Company's members in 35 cities throughout the PRC. The main services SDH offers to App users are (1) Questions and Answers Sessions and (2) streaming of audio and video courses and programs. The offline services SDH offers to its members are study tours and forums.

In the Opportunity Research update, analyst Rob Goldman discusses the catalysts behind the Company's diverse model, broad popularity and reach, along with the stock's low relative valuation as compared with its fast-growing revenue and net income growth rates.

Goldman commented, "Fast-growing Global Internet of People is set to broadly expand and transform the multi-billion-dollar peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and consulting industry. SDH is a highly regarded early mover that has been profitable every year since 2018. The SDH model directly solves issues a key issue plaguing entrepreneurs and early-stage firms-management mentorship, expertise and consulting. Knowledge is shared and services are requested and provided via SDH's online peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform, mobile app, and in-person forums and other events."

"The Company boasts 5.5 million users and over 1500 paying members, corporations, and organizations. Its current stable of nearly 2,000 mentors and experts provide expertise in finance, technology, health care, manufacturing, etc.," noted Goldman. "SDH's financial performance is impressive by any measure. For 2020, SDH recorded $23.2M in revenue and EPS of $0.72. Our forecasts suggest a 48.7% leap in revenue to $34.5M and EPS of $1.08 in 2021 and revenue of $48.8M with EPS of $1.40 in 2022."

"Although our current 6-month price target exceeds SDH's 52-week high, we believe it could prove to be too conservative. While it is customary for foreign stocks to trade at a discount to US peers, our target reflects a 10x P/E on projected 2021 EPS, a paltry metric compared to the 50% EPS growth rate we believe will be achieved this year," concluded Goldman.

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