June 30, 2021

2021 China-Russia (Nanjing) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Final was Held Successfully

2021 China-Russia (Nanjing) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Final was Held Successfully

To gather international innovation resources, deepen the cooperation between China and Russia in the fields of science and technology, talents, and projects, and inject vitality into cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship, the final of the 2021 Nanjing Innovation Week China-Russia (Nanjing) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the “Innovators at Gate Zhonghuamen - China-Russia Innovation Year Invited Project Group” was held yesterday afternoon in the Sunshine Roadshow Hall of the Jinyuzui Foundation Building in Jianye District, Nanjing. The final round of the competition was successfully held.

The event, as one of the series of activities of the Sino-Russian Year of Science and Technology Innovation, was hosted by Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and Nanjing Science and Technology Association and was organized by the Organization Department of Jianye District Committee, Jianye District Science and Technology Bureau and Jianye District Science and Technology Association.

It is understood that the China-Russia Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is one of the series of activities of the China-Russia Science and Technology Innovation Year carried out by the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to implement the consensus of the Chinese and Russian heads of state. Furthermore, it aims at further promoting exchanges and cooperation in science and technology between the two countries.

The competition was supported by Nanjing Tenson International Technology Transfer Centre (Globaltech_IP), Russian IIDF Internet Initiative Development Fund, the St. Petersburg Ingria incubator, the St. Petersburg Technopark, the Skolkovo Innovation Center, and technology transfer offices (TTOs) of various famous universities and other institutions. More than 60 Russian projects were recruited for the competition, focusing on education technology, life and health, artificial intelligence, clean energy, and other industrial sectors. After the selection round and semi-final round, a total of 8 winning projects were selected for the Grand Final.

Four Chinese and three Russian judges were invited to the finals to conduct real-time scoring both online and offline. Each project presentation lasted for 8 minutes. After the presentation, the judges had a 3-minute exchange with the contestants. After all the demonstrations were completed, the scoring results were collected and tallied by the on-site staff. In the end, the ROBBO Robotics Education Club, ForBlind Blind Communicator, and Examus Online Learning Supervision Platform won the top three respectively.

Company ROBBO

ROBBO is an open software and hardware robotics education company with products distributed to 12 countries around the world. The company has created an integrated STREAM solution combining equipment and e-education hardware and software to make children the creators. ROBBO educators teach young people the potential skills of developing software technology and engineering hardware by combining modern technology.

Company ForBlind

ForBlind focuses on improving the ability of blind and deaf people to communicate and address the barriers they face in communication, education, employment, transportation, and independent living. ForBlind provides unique and inclusive learning opportunities for special schools with its innovative devices and technologies and expands the list of professions available to blind, visually impaired, and deaf people. These devices and technologies enable deaf people to hear and blind people to perceive images through the sense of touch.

Examus online

The Examus Online learning supervision platform features advanced user behavior analysis to identify the attention and engagement of participants through an artificial intelligence module. It uses face recognition and emotion detection to conduct online education, human resources, and corporate training.

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